Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good News!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009


NEW YORK,NY Upon further investigation into the US Airways flight 1549 crash, new information has been obtained through anonymous sources. According to these sources, the Suicide Afgeesenistani Terrorists have brought down US Airways flight 1549, not innocent and freedom-loving geese. This information has been covered up by the US Government.

Using technology obtained from Hamas in the Geeza-Isreal engagement during the first few weeks of 2009, the terrorists have utilized Technical and Avian Armaments (T&A’s) that include stealth camouflage technologies which stimulate native migratory birds. In its infancy, this technology was limited in attack to land bound slow-moving objects.

Top secret footage has been acquired through connections with current and former American officials, outside experts, international nuclear inspectors and European and Israeli officials. This footage, as shown below, was known to be in the hands of terrorists ever since the 7 day Canadio-Hamas incident on the small Canadian fishing village of Gloznok in the early 1960’s. Though not to the level of technology that took down US Airways flight 1549, the following T&A was in its infancy and was limited directly to civilian and small land based vehicles.

The reality is that the military industrial complex of the Arab states has been hard at work and has now perfected attacks against US Military personnel and aircraft with the use of seagulls. This attack was sporadically documented by MTV in the 1980’s during the pop-music era. Legitimate media coverage was never given to the American public but was only encountered in covert Cold War operations via subliminal messaging throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, North America, and Antarctica.

As seen above, this revelation of the new domestic security steps taken, according to George Bush, to “protect the homeland from the Axis of Evil,” seem to be nothing more than propaganda of the US Government to cover up the problem. This proves the theory that not only terrorist seagulls, but also terrorist geese are attacking our nation and its citizens at the full knowledge and participation of the US Government.

America is Under Attack!
*Hamas has refused to comment on this exclusive photo of US Airways Flight 1549 prior to release*

Editors Note: I, Em-Cat, am known as a field contributor/editor in the above article. My husband has been working on this piece for at least 36 hours straight, and even though it may be only funny in his head, it's been absolutely delightful to hear him giggle every 30 to 60 seconds as it has made its way from his brain to the page.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

RandEM-CATs - Pregnancy Style

I think I've just been enlightened. I've decided that whenever I have a crazy random thought or funny dream or I just want to get something off my chest, I'm going to give you a few "RandEM-CAT's" - clever title huh? Yeah - that's probably only clever in my head...

So without further ado, Here are a few RandEM's for your reading pleasure...

  1. What is UP with 80 degrees in January? I didn't think I'd be sweating like a pregnant cow in the MIDDLE OF JANUARY!!! Say a girl gets pregnant in oh - I don't know - April and thinks "ROCK ON! I don't have to suffer through the heat my last trimester because I'M DUE IN JANUARY!!!! Have I mentioned that it's JANUARY and it's 80 degrees AND I'm sweating and I'M DUE TOMORROW - TOMORROW FOLKS!!!! Okay - I think you've had enough of CAPS and exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!)

  2. If you know my real name isn't Em-Cat and you're one of my super-cool secret friends and you haven't thought to check my super-cool secret blog for a while, go here for the 411 on how my prego-self is doing. If you are all of the above and haven't gotten an invite to my super-cool blog let me know and I'll add you to my list of peeps.

  3. Have you checked out this blog? If you haven't and you love to get fun, clever ideas - I think it would be in your best interest to check it every day like me. Did I mention that I obsessively check blogs? Sometimes I check them like 3 times a day - that's how pathetic bed rest has made me. Oh - this is another blog that will make you belly-laugh at least once a day - that is, if you like a good belly-laugh, which I do.

  4. Okay - this last one just made me laugh and I had to share it with y' has nothing to do with me or my pregnancy, other than I can relate because pregnancy has made me a complete idiot. P.S. I totally stole it from another blog, but whatev - if you haven't figured out yet that I'm an utterly shameless idea-stealer, then I think you can just go check someone else's honest and scrupulous blog.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Burden

The following post has terminology indicitive of my status as a member of the LDS church. If you aren't a member of the church and would like to know the meaning of some of the words I use go here and/or here.

Yesterday I had a mini breakdown. Remember when I said that I was going to have a happy pregnancy and that I was going to have a good attitude about bed rest? I think I've done a pretty good job with both of those tasks, but yesterday was just one of those days. I found myself saying words I've heard my mother use over and over again..."I can't live like this anymore!!!" When my mother used these words, she usually meant her house was way too messy - well that was the reason I used those words yesterday. My pregnancy horemones give me anxiety over a few messy dishes in the sink or a disorganized countertop - either that or I'm just an anal clean freak (it's most likely the former). I started thinking about it though, and began to feel the heavy burden this pregnancy has been. I knew I had reached a breaking point and that I was ready to be done with all of the trials I've been enduring over the last 9 months. It reminded me of a lesson I learned not too long ago.

I've said before that I thought I waisted my 20 something years waiting. I was waiting for my eternal companion to come along, waiting and wondering why God would make me stay single for so much longer than almost all of my friends. I feel like I wasted my time waiting rather than living my life to its fullest potential. Each time I would complain about my single status to my mother, she would always say "You need to give your burden over to the Lord and everything will work out how it needs to work out." I would reply with something like, "But I've already done that so why don't I feel any better?" The fact is that I really didn't fully give my burden to the Savior, I kept a part of it with me, because I was, I think, afraid of letting go entirely of something that had been my companion for so many years, no matter how miserable it made me.

My 30th birthday was one of the hardest days of my life because I thought it was all over. I thought 30 was the point where few, if any, Mormon women had the chance to find the one they would be sealed to forever. After that, I decided to be happy with how my life had turned out and that I would cherish all of the good things life had to offer. Not long after that I had a discussion with my Heavenly Father where I truly gave the burden of my singularity over to my Savior and I felt more happy and liberated than I had ever felt before. I felt light and free from the cross that had held me down for so long. Three months later, my Robbie entered my life, I think, because I had finally learned what Heavenly Father was trying to teach me. I'm not saying that if you're single, this is how to get a man, but it was the way I was finally able to be happy and content with my life.

So there I sat yesterday, feeling the weight and burden of this pregnancy and all I could think of was how tired I was of it all. The sickness, the kidney stones, the ER/hospital visit, the early labor, the gestational diabetes, the high blood pressure and the scare that all of this may affect and/or harm my baby. I can't say it's been easy to bear - in fact it's been down right difficult and yesterday I didn't feel like I could endure any longer and wondered why the Lord chose me to deal with it all.

Then I started to think about my discussion with Heavenly Father a few short years ago and I remembered that I learned that lesson for a reason. Being single wasn't the one last burden I would ever have to bear in this life. There would be others, many others and the lesson I learned would need to sustain me through all of them. So I know it's time, again, to get on my knees and have another discussion with my Father to, yet again, hand this burden over to my Savior. If I didn't, wouldn't his death and atonement for my sins and afflictions be in vain? This is why He came to this world, to be the one perfect being who could suffer and atone for all of us. He is the reason why we don't have to "live like this anymore." The only one who could truly understand and empathize with all of the trials and suffering that come with being alive. I can only say now that I am grateful for the knowledge that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that I always have someone to go to when I feel my load is too heavy to bear.