Friday, November 2, 2007

Only in Southern California Can You...

Get the best Mongolian BBQ in the the grungiest, most rat infested place ever...With waitresses who've worked there for over 30 years. Don't worry - no dog served at this place...California cracked down on that in the 80's.

Have 80 degree weather with light breezes on Christmas Day (OK maybe that happens in other places, but I've only had Christmas in two other locations, so give me a break!)

Have a Hollywood Screenwriters Strike that gets the news people saying things like "industry crippling" and "reruns" and "impact." I don't know how I feel about millionaires asking for more money and striking about it. Too bad the guild won't pay them $200 per week like the auto worker's union...cheapskates...Those writers will have to sit in their Hollywood mansions thinking about how they're going to pay their bills in 40 years when their money runs out.

There is a sad part to this...couch potatoes are going to have to get their butts of the couch and peek out the window. When it really gets bad, they're going to actually have to walk outside and exercise their muscles...hope they don't choke on the fresh air. Hey - at least we have youtube.

See a middle age, well dressed woman, standing at the end of a freeway off-ramp holding a sign that says "I need rent money."

Drive through certain parts of South Orange County where road-raged old men flip you off and land on their horn every time you exit a parking happened to me 3 times last week...I swear - old people hate me...except my daddy of course...

Drive south on Interstate 5 through Camp Pendleton and see a sign that essentially says
"Watch out for Mexicans."