Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Strikes with an Air of Professionalism

Okay - so I'm not one to do giveaways because usually that means I'm stuck following through with something I don't always follow through with. But this time, I think I can actually handle it. You see, I've recently taken up sewing and I really like it (except now that I have 12 gazillion projects to finish before Christmas...now Robbie says the only profession I could handle right now is "Pirate" because of my potty mouth). Anyhoo...if you come up with the world's best caption for the above photo, you will get something fabulous from me! (How RAD is that?)

Here is what we've come up with so far.

"If families are forever, I'm calling it quits."

"First time parents...(Insert MAJOR Eye Roll)"

"EmCat seems to be looking near the camera, but didn't quite make it."

"Happy Hanukkah...I guess we'll be Jewish this year cuz Christmas just isn't working out for us."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On Sabbatical...

Wow - are my calculations correct? Has it been that long since I've posted something?

So aside from - working full time, raising my baby and trying (oh how I try) to be a good wife and mother, getting in a rollover car accident on the way to Lake Powell in August and being admitted to the hospital, being the sole person in charge of the world's biggest promotion for a chain of 40 stores where no one (okay so one person and my husband - Oh How I LOVE YOU Both!) came to my aid - even though I asked and asked, going to the ER for a kidney stone the size of a lima bean (and as dense as my bones) and eventually getting it blasted (I passed peppercorn size stones btw), getting the music ready and performing the Primary Program for Sacrament Meeting and jumping right into getting ready and performing two (yes - you read right) Primary Christmas Programs, singing in the stake and ward choirs with extra rehersals every time I turn around and taking on 5 gazillion crafty projects for Christmas Presents - I've been kind of lazy.

I'm sorry to the two of you who check this blog for not being there for you...I'll be back soon I promise. In the mean time this face might cheer you up!