Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Meaningful Mixed Tape

I have a preposition for all of you...about, above, beyond, for, from, in...actually that was a bunch of prepositions. What I mean to say is - I have a proposition for you. Anyone who knows me, knows I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE mixed tapes (aka mixed CD's, iPod Playlists etc.). I like using the phrase "Mixed Tape" because I'm a product of the 80's - don't judge. If you were one of the recipients of my "Making Out I" or "Making Out II" CD's, you know I have a knack for putting good music together. I even did a compilation CD in place of a Christmas card last year.

OK - so here's my proposition. I want everyone who reads this blog to tell me what your all time favorite rock, jazz, indie or pop song is - and we'll have the BEST mixed tape of all time. Don't be shy...if you've never commented on this blog before, it's not rocket science and it's easy to figure out. (Daddy - your taste in music is so fantastic that if I don't get a great Jazz piece I'm going to lose faith in all humanity.) I'm going to exclude classical since we're going for a different type of genre.

Once I have plenty of comments, I start mixing. Give me the name of the artist, the song title and the album. If you want a copy of the CD, e-mail me your address at If you feel left out and want a copy of Making out I and II, let me know and I'll send those as well. I'm so excited! Get those juices flowing and start thinking of your all time favorite song!