Sunday, June 21, 2009

Living With My Addiction

As the work day winds down, my phone buzzes with a text message from Robbie saying..."3 more stops" or "1 stop then I'm getting gas. Be there in 45" or "2 more stops. I can't wait to see you." Every time I get a message like this my heart leaps and the butterflies begin. I truly am excited to see the man I had lunch with just a few short hours earlier. Those few hours without him were utter agony.

When Robbie is home I tell him I love him 147 times in a normal day and 376 times on days I'm feeling extra sentimental. While he sits at the computer typing his e-mails I put my arm around him, kiss his neck and inhale a little bit of his scent. When he's laying in bed fast asleep I snuggle up to him until he gently asks me to give him a little space so he can sleep.

What can I say...Robbie is my heroine.

It's hard to say when this addiction started, but I could probably pinpoint it to the time he walked straight over to me and introduced himself. I'd like to think that I caught his eye while standing in a sea of cute, single, Mormon girls. But I was the only girl in a group of Lord-of-the-Rings-Loving Nerds. He had no choice but to think I was cute. He had to ask me out that night. If he hadn't, he would have had to admit that he was like the rest of the guys in the group - so preoccupied with Star Wars that they wouldn't really notice a girl unless she was wearing a long white robe and a braided doughnut on each side of her head.

Since that time I was able to brainwash him into thinking it was a good idea to kiss me. After that - he had no choice but to marry me...I am, after all, the best kisser this side of the Mississippi.

For some reason, he's been able to live with my addiction for the last two years. He doesn't always understand why I am the way I am, but he loves me anyway. I'm in awe of this man who loves me despite all my crazy little idiosyncratic ways. He is patient, kind and above all an amazing husband and father. J-dawg lights up every time he walks into a room.

Happy (First) Father's Day Robbie. Here's to many more years of you having to live with my addiction.