Friday, April 17, 2009

More RandEM-CaTS - BabyStyle (with a little U2 sprinkled here and there)

"Rainy days and Mondays always get me down..."
*sigh* Beginning Monday morning, I'm going to be considered a "Working Mom." Thankfully J-Dawg will be joining me and learning the tricks of the trade of selling Supplements. He's such a fast learner that I'm sure sometime soon he'll be out-selling me.

There are so many things I feel like I didn't accomplish while on Maternity Leave:
  • I definitely didn't master the art of having a clean home. Oi, you should see the mess the kitchen is in at this moment.
  • The baby book is sitting on my table STILL waiting to be written in.
  • Don't even talk to me about scrapbooking.
  • I haven't lost 40 pounds and, lets face it, I still look pregnant. Just the other day a lady almost asked me how far along I was. She saved herself by segueing into asking how old the baby is. Oh - and just before that my niece pointed to my stomach and asked me when the baby was coming out...everyone in the room snickered like they secretly agreed with her but would never say it to my face.
  • I haven't visited all the friends I've wanted to see and others I've wanted to be more acquainted with.
While I'm making lists here are the things I HAVE accomplished while on maternity leave:
  • I have managed to kiss my little baby-cakes AT LEAST 2,573 times per day.
  • J-Dawg and I have taken to walking the neighborhood and can successfully accomplish a 1.5 mile walk in one half hour...don't laugh - that's saying something after 3 months of bedrest.
  • I've been able to sing approximately 17.8 different songs to my kiddo each day. This kid is going to be a proficient in showtunes and lullabies.
  • I've been able to solicit AT LEAST 3,183 smiles from my baby per day.
  • I've gotten my baby to LOVE patty-cake.
  • Tummy time is a work in progress, but he's getting better.
  • I've successfully found a few traits and looks that are definitely Em-Cat even though this kid is my husband's mini-me.
  • I've managed to love this little bundle of joyful cuteness so much that it hurts.
  • I've actually become my mother. I can now successfully call myself an irrational worrier.
  • My son has begun singing along with me each time I belt out my rendition of "Close to You." Because let's face it...the angels really did get together and sprinkle golden starlight in his eyes of blue...

Oh you better believe I have my tickets...

...GA tickets too. Those are EXTREMELY difficult to come by. I plan on being right there, front and center, with my boys (Robbie and the rest of them - though little J-Dawg will have to be there in spirit).

Yesterday was a day of POO and Spit-up...
How can something this small and cute be so completely and utterly gross?

After a long day of this kid spitting up all over my clothes (I had to change outfits various times), I was sitting on the couch watching The Office with my incredibly handsome husband. All of a sudden I hear a rumbling in my little boy's pants. I decided to wait to change him when I smelled the poo-smell stronger than usual. Robbie looked over and declared, "Gross! He POOED all over you!"

I guess I shouldn't complain. My husband had it worse when J-Dawg was a newborn. Robbie was holding his nekked little body for a photo-shoot. Right after the photo was taken poo shot out into Robbie's unsuspecting hand (it (his hand) still hasn't gotten over it). I just thank the stars in heaven above that it wasn't me. I can totally see into the future and I'm definitely getting a vibe that I will be pooed on many times to come...Oh the joys of motherhood! I go into the wild blue yonder of juggling work, a baby, a husband and LIFE. Wish me luck! It's going to be quite a ride and I've taken to throwing up on roller coasters.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy (late) Easter

This was sent to us by our Relief Society teacher. I hope you all had a nice Easter and may we remember the Savior's sacrifice more fully each day.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Fools

At about 4pm on April 1st I realized I hadn't done anything to FOOL Robbie. I come from a long line of April Foolers so I knew I had to do something. I was 97 1/2% sure I wasn't preggers, but in a pinch it was all I had to work with. I had a pregnancy exam and decided to take it into the bathroom and pee on it, you know, to make it LOOK real. The test of course came out negative. I put the most distraught look on my face that I could muster and walked into the living room where Robbie was sitting. Here's how it went:

Me: "Robbie..."

Robbie looks up from what he's doing and his eyes get super wide when he sees what I'm holding.

Me: " thought I'd be funny and take this test"

Robbie: His eyes get even wider and says..."NO WAY!"

Me: (Jumping up and down) "HA HA HA APRIL FOOLS!!!"

I knew I should have drawn it out a little more, but I can't keep a straight face for that long. The look on his face was absolutely priceless.

I called my parents and tried it on them, but they know me WAY too well and it took about a nanosecond for my mom to figure it out.

Of course I had to post it on my blog, because if my husband was naive enough to believe me, I just KNEW I could fool all of you...Whatev...the first two responses were:

Rach: "I'm on to you girl. APRIL FOOLS!!!"

K8: "nice try"

I find it UN-surprising that the first two who WEREN'T fooled had small children. I think April Fools Day is definitely for small children and parents who have said children are always playing and being played on April Fools Day.

It was quite funny to get a call the next day from my friend Stephanie who figured it out just before I said "hello." I thought it even more funny that my brother was fooled, because he grew up in the same household I did.

Okay - now put this out of your mind while I think of a way to get you next year...MMMMMMWWWWWWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Think I'm going to CRY!

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! A mere 10 weeks after our little J-Dawg came into our lives, this is what I found out today...

I really think I'm going to cry.