Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yeah - it's my birthday and I'm telling the world about it. I'm not ashamed. I'm going to say to the world -"Hey world! I'm 33 today and I want you all to tell me how fabulous I am because - it's my birthday and I deserve to be showered with fabulous comments." In true blogger fashion, I'm going to tell you at least 33 fabulous things about me (because I'm narcissistic like that) and as my present you can say one nice thing about me in the comments section...actually if you want to say a mean thing about me then go ahead, but remember - that would be mean.

1. My 30th birthday was the worst day of my life because I thought that by turning 30 I would a) Never have the chance to get married and b) never have the chance to have children...Both of those things came true and I'm eatin' my words people.

2. I've had a crush on Larry Mullen Jr. since I was like 10.

Most people don't know who he is and if you don't - shame on you. He's the one who formed U2 everyone - NOT Bono. I told Robbie that I've loved Larry longer than I've loved him, but definitely not as much. This was my Christmas present and shows you how much my husband loves me:

3. When I was 21, I went to a Neil Diamond concert and found out which hotel he was staying at. I hung out in the lobby until his bus rolled in (that should be a line from a song) and screamed "I LOVE YOU NEIL" at the top of my lungs when I saw him. A security guard warned me that he'd have to escort me out if I got any closer to Mr. Diamond. I ignored him then I went and hugged Neil's bongo was a great day. By the way - my friend and I were the only women there under the age of 47 & 1/2 and Neil kept giving us the "I love you" sign.4. I've given this man a handshake. If you don't know who he is - again - shame on you. He wrote one of the most beloved Christmas songs. He's a jazz legend people. It was an amazing experience and one that would have to be given it's own post to explain...

5. I went on a business trip to Spain and France all by myself and it was one of the funnest trips I've ever been on. I visited all the places I wanted to and didn't have to worry about anyone else. I seriously debated whether or not to backpack across Europe by myself after that and I don't know why I didn't...Great - now I'm bummed.

6. I'm somewhat of a daredevil (in the North American sense of course) and will try almost anything once. I've jumped off cliffs, eaten cow stomach and tongue and have time and time again left my comfort zone in order to try new things and face change in the...well...face (ie move by myself to California - specifically Long Beach which can be very scary).

7. I secretly think my husband can be a little overly cautious. I'm not sure why I'm writing this, because he's definitely going to be reading this tonight. I LOVE YOU ROBBIE!

8. I always get the winter blues which is partially why I've always been so happy to live in Southern California - because it's never winter here. I'm so happy to live in the land of eternal sunshine and only miss the snow when I get a hankering to go snowboarding.
9. I hiked the Subway in Zion National Park with some friends. My friend's friend's dad (get that?) insisted on going with us and slowed us down so much that we got stuck in the canyon overnight. They told us not to light fires, but we did anyway because we were STUCK IN A CANYON OVER NIGHT with nothing on but our swim suits and shorts (there are various parts where you have to wade through water up to your neck). The next morning, my friend's friend (can you tell I didn't like her?) totally got us lost and I almost fell off a cliff - yeah, she said she knew where she was going...I still haven't forgiven her.

10. During another Zion trip, I repelled down slot canyons with some friends and had a lovely time. Again we were running late and would've had to stay the night in the canyon again (why do I associate with people like this?) this time it was the Narrows. As we were rushing to get out of the canyon, a girl in our group was trying to find a short cut when she almost fell off a cliff. My friend almost fell off a cliff trying to save her. (I now can see why Robbie is so cautious...I've been really stupid.)

11. I have a blue dot on my forehead because this unnamed person *cough*Stephanie Graves*cough* and I were joking around in 9th grade math class. It got a bit sarcastic...okay it got a LOT sarcastic...and I threw out a comment that even got the teacher laughing. She was so embarrassed that all she could do was throw a pencil. It lodged itself into my forehead and broke off and from that time forth I've been cursed with a blue dot. I can't say I really liked Stephanie Graves after that. Should I mention that I hold grudges for decades?...Nah!

12. I hate green beans and gag at the sight or thought of them...even when I'm not pregnant.

13. I try to have a good attitude about things that are out of my control. I learned to do this on my mission in Uruguay, because I hated it for the first 6 months and had to decide to be happy.

14. I love Snowboarding.

15. I love Waterskiing.

16. After almost 3 years of working on it, I've almost memorized the piano piece "Clair de Lune" by Claude Debussey. I'm not the greatest pianist in the world so the mere fact that I can actually play it is a miracle in and of itself - because it's not the easiest piece in the world to learn.

17. I LOVE my calling in church (primary chorister) and feel so bad that I haven't been able to do anything about it for the past 4 months due to bedrest and having an infant who can't go out into groups.

18. My favorite color is purple (most days) and other days it's red.

19. In its prime, I was a closet "Saved by the Bell" fan.

20. My life is a musical. You might be able to say almost anything and I'll find a song to go with it.

21. On my mission, I was my companion's radio. They would request a song and I would sing it. Sometimes I would even dance for them.

22. My stake president was my OB and I didn't feel a bit weird about it...okay - sometimes I did...

23. I'm the 6th out of 7 children and my siblings call me the golden child - because that's what I am...I am golden. I wasn't the favorite per se - that title went to JJ (even though my mom denies having a favorite).

24. I'm my mother-in-law's favorite daughter-in-law...I won't mention the fact that I'm her only daughter-in-law.

25. When I was in single's wards in my 20's I was the FHE Freak-Show. I would do my impersonation of a fountain (I have a great slit in my teeth to spit water through) or belt out "Johnny One Note" (always a crowd pleaser).

26. Did I mention I LOVE attention?

27. I dated a guy who was once crowned the Utah State Yo-Yo Champ who LOVED wearing capes...yeah - one of the darker eras of my life. I'm so glad I didn't make THAT mistake!

28. My favorite place in the world is Deer Lake, Washington. It's heaven to me.

29. I met my Robbie 3 months after getting the answer to my prayers to drop everything in Utah and move to Southern California.

30. Even though Robbie and I sell different things, we have essentially the same geographical territory and have lunch together most days (that is when I am actually out in the field working).

31. Robbie kissed me on our 5th date on a beach at couldn't have been more perfect.This was taken the day after Robbie first kissed me. Notice the rug burn on my chin...yeah - he needs to shave more!

32. I love this face more than life itself:

33. I love this face more than life itself. He is my light and my joy and makes me laugh and smile every day. He is the reason I get up every morning and the last thing I see before I close my eyes to sleep at night. He is my best friend. I love you Robbie.